Professional machining, maintenance and coating

Maint-Time Ltd

We provide industrial services globally. Our company is specialized on on-site machining, mechanical maintenance, and coatings. Machining and coatings are done either in our workshop or on-site at the client premises.  On-site -equipment is designed and built to meet customer’s needs, which reduces significantly shutdown time. We offer our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to perform on-site machining, mechanical maintenance and coatings. We offer turn-key solutions. We take care of installation and machining works on the site, and all possible related documentation, measurements, and adjustments.

Main office


On-site machining

On-site machining means maintenance work on site, which reduce significantly shutdown times. Maintenance works that are carried out on site save time and minimize installation work. Maint-Time’s state of the art machinery and professional competence ensures successful results.

In urgent cases, we can provide quickly a wide range of on-site machinery and experienced employees on site. Our trained staff has over 20 years of experience in machining and engineering.

  • Needs assessment and, if necessary, on-site visit.
  • Work planning and scheduling
  • Grinding, Reaming, Milling, Turning
  • Electrochemical coating
  • Documentation


  • Ideal for maintenance and repairs of heavy and large equipment, machines and parts.
  • Less time spent on downtimes
  • Less need for dismantling
  • Reduction of total costs

On-site machine works are great for:

  • Grinding and turning of cylinders
  • Grinding and turning of rollers
  • Milling of keyways / key grooves
  • Machinery works on planes/ levels
  • Adjustment of flanges
  • Corrective turning
  • Reaming of holes
  • Threading
  • Honing

Machining services at workshop

Thanks to our wide network of partners, versatile machinery and flexible production we are able to implement precise and high-quality machinery works within the agreed timetable. Also special machining services with tight tolerances are possible to achieve with our machines and skilled personnel.

Works at workshops

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Welding
  • Equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Workshop works from single pieces to bigger series

On-Site Machinery

On-Site Machinery
On-site works on machinery means maintenance work on site, which reduces significantly shutdown times.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services
Maint-Time’s maintenance services brings reliability and improved usability to your production.


Our versatile machine base and experienced personnel enables us also to perform the most precise and most demanding machinery works.